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Why Pre-qualify Leads?

Running a Management Consultancy focusing on client’s Sales growth, I am often asked to go and visit a company or person to determine how I might be able to help improve their people and processes. Helping people is part of my DNA and one of the key reasons I love what I do. It is also human nature to help those who ask for it.

However, there have been several occasions in the past when these visits have been wasted. If the right questions are asked before I set off, I can determine which of the services they might need and, more importantly, are they in the right place to accept my growth advice and then implement it. Many business owners say that they want to grow but have not solved elements of their production where there may be a bottleneck. Little point in asking me to deliver significant National Account Business if they cannot manage what they already have.

The other most common issue surrounds the Human Resources. Are there sufficient numbers of staff in the key areas to manage a significant increase in Sales processes from incoming calls or online orders to processing, packing and delivery.

I now run through a pre-qualification questionnaire with these prospects before setting off to get them thinking about some of these hurdles before I pay them a visit. It saves us both time in the long run.

Is your Sales team pre-qualifying their leads before they spend time on a face to face visit with a client?

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    Helping you grow

    For over 12 years, JMR Sales & Consultancy has been offering help to businesses which are struggling to grow in line with expectations. We offer a discreet resource to support business owners in reaching their aspirations by understanding your markets, your products, your people and your culture. JMR Sales has a long list of satisfied customers across industries as diverse as High Street Retailing, Automotive, Catering, Recruitment and Hotels.

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  • Decades of experience

    JMR Sales & Consultancy use their expertise in Sales Consultancy and Strategic Development to support Managing Directors, Sales Directors and Business Managers or Owners to solve a wide range of challenges their company can face.

    Offering short to mid term contracts, JMR Sales & Consultancy can offer a fresh pair of eyes to a failing sales plan; coach an under-achieving sales team and offer support as a Business Coach.

  • Speaking Profile

    Since leaving Carlsberg over 12 years ago, I have set up my own company, JMR Sales & Consultancy Ltd., to help a variety of companies with short to mid term contracts helping to solve a wide range of their business challenges.

    My primary skill is in Sales Consultancy and Strategic Development but I have also had the opportunity to work in full time ‘hands on’ roles as a Purchasing Director, Marketing Manager, Commercial Director, National Account Manager and Customer Sales Director.

    Speaking topics include The ABC of Sales – Leveraging your Brand Equity to increase revenue and profits; Strategic Partnerships – How to develop, formalise and generate substantial benefit from them; Customer Service – How it can be a Sustainable point of Difference for SME Growth; and Character and Style.

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    Client Testimonials

    • “Jonathan is a real pleasure to work with, and has really helped to develop the sales skills of all different colleagues, from direct sales staff to people in a supportive role too. Results and improvements were clear to see!”

      Laura Savage, Head of Skills at (PeoplePlus Academies) at PeoplePlus part of Staffline Group also Nuffield Scholar 2014

    • “Jonathan is an outstanding professional with the ability to combine insight, professionalism and demonstrate added value to all business projects undertaken.”

      Heather Bowler, Senior Vice President Communications at Women’s Tennis Association (WTA)

    • “During my time working with Jonathan he showed himself to be a thoroughly professional, well motivated individual who always worked towards the best interests of the business.”

      Alex Smith, AMCA, Finance Director at Worldwide Magazine Distribution

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