Just in Case of Emergency?

Many of the Business Owners I deal with are so busy with the day to day issues of running that business that they only realise that they need help when they approach a crisis. They know what it is when it approaches because it tends to keep them awake at night. The fact that they lose sleep also means that they are uncertain about what the solution(s) might be.

The trouble with this situation is that when we reach a crisis, we need to take decisions quickly and communicate clearly. Nobody on an aeroplane going through emergency landing was offered a choice of exit doors or colour of life jackets. That would be unhelpful as well as dangerous.

The ideal situation is to take appropriate action before these issues become a crisis and before we lose too much sleep.

If we were asked to fly that plane in that emergency, we would most likely need expert advice to guide us about the controls and the right levers to pull. The same is true of any of the Business Disciplines for Commerce nowadays.

Managing Directors rely on their Sales Directors to deliver the right revenues from new and existing customers. If their performance disappoints, what action can they take? Surely, they are the experts. However, even experts need help sometimes.

From my experience of working with many West Midlands businesses over the last 13 years, the three most common causes of Sales underperformance are:

  1. Not spending enough time with the Buyers (Existing & New)
  2. Not having a clear understanding of the real Sales levers
  3. Missing opportunities through inexpert questioning or listening skills

A great Salesperson will not only have great passion in their pursuit of sales but they will also care about their customers to such a degree that they will help them even if there is no direct benefit to them financially. We use our network to help our clients to prosper in the hope that we might benefit in the future but absolutely assured that our reputation is enhanced through this service.

If you are a Business owner who is starting to lose sleep because your Sales are not as strong as they need to be, perhaps I can help. The Initial consultation is free.

I challenge my fellow Sales professionals to keep relevant, embrace new ideas, keep inquisitive and keep on learning from the myriad sources that are available.

My best advocates are the customers who I have helped in the past so I encourage you to see what they have said on my LinkedIn profile.

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    Helping you grow

    For over 16 years, JMR Sales & Consultancy has been offering help to businesses which are struggling to grow in line with expectations. We offer a discreet resource to support business owners in reaching their aspirations by understanding your markets, your products, your people and your culture.

    JMR Sales has a long list of satisfied customers across industries as diverse as High Street Retailing, Automotive, Catering, Recruitment and Hotels.

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  • Decades of experience

    JMR Sales & Consultancy use their expertise in Sales Consultancy and Strategic Development to support Managing Directors, Sales Directors and Business Managers or Owners to solve a wide range of challenges their company can face.

    Offering short to mid term contracts, JMR Sales & Consultancy can offer a fresh pair of eyes to a failing sales plan; coach an under-achieving sales team and offer support as a Business Coach.

  • Speaking Profile

    “People are always interested in ways to generate Sales and as someone who has spent all their career in this area, there are a number of Universal principles I have learned and am happy to share with a wider audience."

    Some of the topics I am used to presenting include:

    • 6 Reasons why most Sales Teams Underperform
    • The ABC of Sales – Leveraging your Brand Equity
    • Customer Service – How it can become a sustainable point of difference, whatever your business.
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    Client Testimonials

    • “Jonathan has been a great help to me recently. He has been out on several field visits, given constructive criticism but more importantly given me useful tips, tatics and tools and how to implement them to add value to my customers and developing business opportunities with them. Since working with JMR I have also recommended Jonathan to a friend's business with a £25million turnover. Jonathan is now working with the Sales force there now!”

      Darren Whiteside - Contracts Manager North

    • Jonathan quickly gets under the skin of an organisation, the offerings, the people and the clients. He combined his wealth of sales and people experience, coaching, mentoring and training with a huge amount of flexibility to bring out the best of everyone. Jonathan gave me confidence in my sales abilities, refining my approach over a period of time. Our business growth in the last six months is due to Jonathan's substantial input. He is warm, genuine and funny and an absolute pleasure to work with.

      Jude Jennison - Author & Conference and Motivational Speaker

    • I had a mentoring session with Jonathan that set the scene for a major, much-needed change for me in my working and business activities. He was honest, upfront and said those things that I didn't want to hear. He then checked in on me a month later, keeping me to account. I now have more time, the right focus and love what I do even more with results that reflect all of that. Thank you Jonathan.

      Kerrie Dorman - Founder of the ABM and Head Mentor at Sinclair Dorman

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